Gale Law Firm strives to offer our clients a safe harbor during times of financial struggle. We provide the legal support and counsel critical to helping you successfully navigate bankruptcy. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy in Bloomington, MN, to recover from financial damage, Gale Law Firm’ bankruptcy attorneys can offer the experience and assistance you need.

Gale Law Firm has served the Bloomington community and surrounding areas with legal advice and support in bankruptcy cases for years. We offer counsel with Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy to help families and individuals recover financially, and we provide legal assistance with Chapter 11 cases for local businesses filing for bankruptcy.

Along with a free initial consultation and years of experience handling bankruptcy cases of all shapes and sizes, you can expect even more from Gale Law Firm. Our firm cares about our clients and community, and we work hard to help those struggling through recovery.

With Gale Law Firm, our clients can always count on our respect, care, and confidentiality in their situation. Our goal is to always provide our clients with availability and communication throughout their case, and to do our best to make working with a bankruptcy attorney a real option, against all odds. For clients concerned with fees, we provide individualized payment plans along with our free initial consultations.

Gale Law Firm has filed thousands of bankruptcy cases, and we offer evening and weekend appointments.

If your financial obligations seem daunting and difficult and your debts threaten to overwhelm your household or business, look no further than Gale Law Firm for relief. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will guide you throughout the process of filing for bankruptcy in Bloomington, MN. Contact us at (952) 888-5920 for a free consultation today, and explore our website for additional information regarding which type of bankruptcy may be right for you.